w/c 1st May 2021

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w/c 1st May 2021

Postby Garawa » Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:05 pm

Saturday 1st
Match day - Gills v Burton (League 1)

Sunday 2nd
Social media anti-discrimination blackout

Monday 3rd
Social media anti-discrimination blackout

Tuesday 4th
The Gills draw at Burton meant they had taken 46% of the away points available, the most since 2012/13 and the second highest since 2008/9 when they had an identical record - W9, D5, L9. That season they they scored 20 goals and had a -14 goal difference compared to this season's 32 scored (+2).

Wednesday 5th
The Gills have drawn 6 of their last 15 league games after drawing 4 of the 30 before them. Last season, the Gills ended the season with 9 draws from 16 league games after managing 6 in the 19 games before them.

Thursday 6th
There have been 11 goals scored in Gills games this season in the 88th, 89th and 90th minutes (plus stoppage time) and all bar 1 have been in the final minute. The opposition have scored the last 3 (2 in the last 4 games), the Gills the 3 before, the opposition the 3 before those and the Gills the first 2.

Friday 7th
The Gills have scored 5 90th minute+ goals this season. 4 of those were equalisers, including all 3 of the last minutes goals scored by Jordan Graham. John Akinde has scored the other 2 including the other late equaliser and a second in a 2-0 win.
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