w/c 24th April 2021

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w/c 24th April 2021

Postby Garawa » Fri Apr 23, 2021 4:19 pm

Saturday 24th
Match day - Gills v Northampton Town (League 1)

Sunday 25th
John Akinde conceded 10 fouls in the Peterborough match. The most in a game by a player in recent seasons has been:
19/20 - 6 (Akinde)
18/19 - 5 (x4)
17/18 - 6 (Eaves)
16/17 - 5 (x4)
15/16 - 6 (Donnelly)
14/15 - 6 (Dack)
13/14 - 6 (Dack)
12/13 - 6 (C Lee)

Monday 26th
In 2016/17, there were 4 occasions when the Gills' opponents failed to win after having a 2-goal lead whilst the Gills lost no leads themselves. The 4 seasons since have seen the Gills recover just 3 games from a 2 goal deficit but lose 6 leads from 2 goals up including 3 this season and 2 in the last 3 games.

Tuesday 27th
In their last 3 games, the Gills have conceded 4 goals in the 79th minute or later. In the previous 50 matches this season, the Gills had conceded 10 goals after the 78th minute.

Wednesday 28th
Having secured a 1-0 home half time lead against Northampton, the Gills failed to go on to win the match. It means they have won just 1 of their last 4 home games after being 1-0 up at the break (3-1 v Ipswich, 1-3 v Peterborough and 2-2 v Rochdale) having won all 7 games before and 10 of the previous 11.

Thursday 29th
The draw against Northampton means that the Gills are unbeaten at home in 7 league games, their best home unbeaten run since January 2020. This followed a period where they had lost 7 of the previous 12 home league games including 4 of the previous 6 at the end of that spell.

Friday 30th
Vadaine Oliver has scored 19 goals in his 48 games, scoring 26.8% of the Gills goals this season. Tom Eaves in his first season scored 18 goals in 47 games, scoring 27.7% of the club's goals followed by 22 in 50 games, scoring 31.4% of the goals.
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