w/c 17th April 2021

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w/c 17th April 2021

Postby Garawa » Sat Apr 17, 2021 3:35 pm

Saturday 17th
Match day - Oxford v Gills (League 1)

Sunday 18th
The 3-2 Oxford defeat saw a loss from a 2-0 lead, the first time the Gills had lost from a 2-goal away lead since January 2016. The away defeat after leading at half time was the first since February 2017.

Monday 19th
When leading at half time this season, the Gills had won all 6 away league games before their defeat at Oxford. The away defeat was the first in 4 seasons where the other 23 half time away leads had resulted in 19 wins & 4 draws. When losing at half time, the Gills won 3, drew 9 and lost 20.

Tuesday 20th
Match day - Peterborough v Gills (League 1)

Wednesday 21st
After 2 away wins in March, the Gills finally win an away game in the month of April for the first time since the 2010/11 season. 9 seasons and 25 matches since went by without a win (12 draws and 13 defeats).

Thursday 22nd
The win over Peterborough was only the Gills 3rd win in their last 29 matches in the month of April. The subsequent games played in March had registered 12 wins in 28 games with 5 coming this season alone.

Friday 23rd
The Gills win over Peterborough was their 9th away league win of the season. The previous two seasons in which 9 away league wins were secured were both promotion seasons (2008/9, 1999/0). The last time they managed 10 wins was in 1984/5.
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