A New Season. From the Fly on the Wall.

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A New Season. From the Fly on the Wall.

Postby gillsfan1066 » Fri Aug 06, 2021 12:34 am

Hi Fly on the Wall here, just sitting in the trash can eating what's left of a well sucked fruit polo, reading the notes someone who must sit at this desk wrote then discarded, lets see uuuummmm huh,huh ,oh yes here is an interesting bit, " A new season starts this coming Saturday, and if there lucky season ticket holders MIGHT have got there tickets by then . There was a problem and a few difficulties with our new dynamic and progressive software company Secu Tix, it's all quiet demanding and cutting edge and testical ,because GFC is moving towards a cashless system, in the store ,ticket purchases, restaurant , bar, tea lady etc, the only thing that will be paid in cash this year is the Chairman and the Chairman's wife's salaries, which will be paid into the Commercial Bank of Dubai in Dirhams so as to avoid those wicked English Taxes that punish the rich so badly in this country.
As usual we managed to pick up a few players who were left on the shelf ,mostly midfield players , on our current roster of 18 players we now have 12 midfield players and best of all they didn't cost anything, which is just as well because the nasty old FA has poked it's nose into our affairs once again ,something about taxes not being paid, and banned us from buying players so we can only get what no one else wants.
It is not proving that easy to deal with the tax man ,sometimes it's er kind of hard to remember what we did with receipts and the accounts books for last season. Someone said the Chairman had them ,he said he gave them gave them to his misses to look at ,she says she gave them to Stevie E, he says he gave them to his grandkids because he thought they were story books and works of fiction , and the kids said they took them to summer camp because they thought they could use them as TP.
Steve told the Board we lost a player or maybe two ,they went looking for teams that have ambition , but I am sure they were not very good so that doesn't matter, in fact I think it puts pressure on him to make sure we stay up this year, because that's about the best anyone inside the club really expects us to do, and we sure as hell don't want to prove them wrong do we ?
People said Steve might have moved on to manage a club in The Scottish Highland League, but Lossiemouth FC said they will keep old Kipper Mckay around for another season as Chairman, Manager,groundskeeper, laundry man, programme seller and linesman for home games, even at 89 years old and with failing eyesight he can see no team needs 90% of it's players filling the midfield , and no one up front to score a bloody goal.
Ok Fly on the Wall signing off ,I have sucked enough of this old polo, and the cleaning ladies just come in and she has got a can of FLY SPRAY,....... out of here.

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