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Gills at Wembley

Postby gillsfan1066 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 12:58 am

Watching the play off when Gillingham played Manchester City ,who on that rainy day were disguised as West Brom. I know were going to win it, I just know it. How the hell did we lose that, and where DID that 5 minutes of extra time come from at the 90 minute mark ? Should be a lesson to all managers, when your 2-0 up with only a few minutes to go,KEEP THE SAME TEAM ON THE PITCH THAT GOT YOU THERE, don't take off a forward and bring on a defender who has not played all game, things were going just fine,leave them alone .
I wonder if the 30,000 Gills fans that were there disappeared on the way home,perhaps they did a Mr.L and got lost or all moved to Oxford?
The sponsor's on the Gills shirts, Kool , what did they sell , refrigeration ,ice cream, drinks ? Over here we deal with Kool sometimes, it's the Kentucky Department of Corrections online site (Kentucky Offenders Online Lookup ), or how to find you the one you love that didn't make it home last night and is now in the clink, lol.
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