w/c 15th June 2024

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w/c 15th June 2024

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Saturday 15th
Conor Masterson was the only player to have scored goals with his left foot, right foot and head and was the player with the most (4) headed goals (or goals not from either foot). Dieng scored the most right footed goals (5) whilst Mahoney (6) scored the most with his left.
Just 6 goals (from 4 players) were scored from outside of the penalty area - the most coming from Mahoney and Dieng with 2 each.
Screenshot 2024-06-12 221513.jpg

Sunday 16th
Just 4 direct goals were scored by the Gills with 3 of those coming from the penalty spot - Connor Mahoney (2), Tom Nichols (1) and Cheye Alexander (1).
Scott Malone and Connor Mahoney scored the most goals which effectively secured all 3 points (or a cup win) for the Gills. 3 of Malone's 4 goals (75%) turned out to be the winning goal.
Screenshot 2024-06-12 224439.jpg

Monday 17th
All bar 7 of the Gills' 29 leads were the opening goal of the game. Nadesan and Bonne (3) scored the most opening goals. Only 5 players added leads that were not the opening goal with Mahoney (3) scoring the most.
5 of Connor Mahoney's 7 goals gave the Gills a lead whilst 4 of Macauley Bonne's goals for the Gills did the same. Ashley Nadesan was the player with the most number of goals (3) where all of which saw the Gills take a lead.
Screenshot 2024-06-12 230834.jpg

Tuesday 18th
Total League and Cup Assists. Tom Nichols led the way with 6 in his 32 matches.
Total Goal Contributions (Goals, Assists and winning a converted set piece). Connor Mahoney provided 14, the equivalent of a goal, assist or winning of a scored free kick or penalty once every 233 minutes. Nichols' contribution every 177.8 minutes was the most frequent by a player with 2 or more.
Screenshot 2024-06-16 190559.jpg

Wednesday 19th
Josh Andrews late start for the Gills meant his solitary goal left him with the best minutes per goal scoring rate of a goal every 317.0 minutes on average. For any player who scored 2 or more, Macauley Bonne remained the most frequent scorer with a goal every 335.2 minutes.
Connor Mahoney (5) scored the most goals in winning games with 3 of them proving to be the winner. All 3 of Scott Malone's goals in winning games were the winning ones with both players having the most winning goals.
Screenshot 2024-06-17 212203.jpg

Thursday 20th
Home win percentages when a player features in the match (total wins in brackets). Robbie McKenzie featured in 9 home wins with the Gills winning 69.2% of the home games he featured in.
The Gills won 40.7% of their matches including 3 (60.0%) of the 5 home and away games Joe Gbode played in. For players who featured in a significant number of games, Cheye Alexander was influential, winning 16 games (57.1%) of the games he featured in.
Screenshot 2024-06-17 213942.jpg

Friday 21st
For games when players were contracted at the club, the 4 home games Cheye Alexander missed saw the club fail to win any of them and lose 4. The Gills only won 1 (12.5%) and lost 4 of the 8 home games Ashley Nadesan did not feature in during his time at the club.
The Gills only won 1 (12.5%) and lost 6 of the 8 home and away games Alexander missed. Coleman was the next most missed player, missing 1 (20.0%) win and 3 defeats. Connor Masterson's early injury meant he missed 6 games - the Gills winning 5 (83.3%) & drawing the other.
Screenshot 2024-06-19 195746.jpg
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