w/c 1st June 2024

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w/c 1st June 2024

Postby Garawa » Wed May 29, 2024 9:13 pm

Saturday 1st
Stockport and Wrexham both led 21 games at half time. Both won 18 of them, equal to or more than the total number of half time leads for 19 sides in League 2. Bradford were most successful when leading at the break, winning 10 of their 11 games.
Stockport lost just 4 games when losing at half time and recovered 8 points from the others. Forest Green lost 19 games from their 20 half time deficits, drawing the other. Crewe recovered the most amount of points (14) when behind at the break.
Screenshot 2024-05-29 220956.jpg

Sunday 2nd
MK Dons, Crawley, Crewe and Morecambe all came back to win 3 games having been losing at half time - the Dons doing so from the fewest number of deficits (13). The Gills were 1 of 6 sides who didn't win any games when behind at the break.
Wrexham led 21 times at half time and didn't lose any of them. Mansfield, Doncaster, Walsall and Bradford also avoided defeats albeit from fewer leads at the break. Salford capitulated the most, losing 3 of their 10 leads at half time.
Screenshot 2024-06-01 230541.jpg

Monday 3rd
For each one of Notts County's 30 leads in the league, they maintained each lead for an average of 43.9 minutes. In home games, Wrexham's average lead of 48.5 minutes was the longest in the division. Harrogate only maintained a lead for 27.5 minutes on average, the shortest in the division.
When Salford and Colchester fell behind, they recovered quickest with each deficit lasting on average 30.0 minutes. Forest Green stayed behind for more than half a game for each of their deficits and in home games, Doncaster found themselves behind for 55.1 minutes.
Screenshot 2024-06-03 200839.jpg

Tuesday 4th
Mansfield's 283 shots on target was the most in League 2 and it helped them have the greatest difference in the division - 126 more than the number of shots on target they faced. The Gills took 172 shots on target, 11 more than Forest Green's league-low of 161.
Stockport limited their opponents to just 150 shots on target, the fewest in League 2. Crawley Town's 251 shots on target faced was the most in the division but it didn't halter their bid for promotion.
Screenshot 2024-06-03 203030.jpg

Wednesday 5th
Mansfield's 522 shots off target or blocked was a whopping 61 more than the next best side (Wrexham). They had more off target than Forest Green, Newport, Morecambe & Harrogate managed in total. They contributed to the league's most attempts at goal (805), a whopping 92 more than the next best.
Notts County's shooting accuracy was the best in League 2 with 39.7% of all of their shots at goal being on target. Grimsby were the only side with fewer than 30% of all of their shots at goal being on target.
Screenshot 2024-06-03 204838.jpg

Thursday 6th
39.8% of Stockport's shots on target were scored, the best conversion rate in League 2. The Gills had the worst conversion rate, scoring from just 26.7% of their shots on target.
Crawley prevented their opponents from converting the most shots on target, conceding from just 26.7% of the shots on target they faced. Salford appeared easiest to score against with their opponents successfully scoring from 40.2% of their shots on target.
Screenshot 2024-06-03 210911.jpg

Friday 7th
Wrexham's 287 corners were the most won in League 2. Mansfield were 2 behind and had the joint best corner difference in the division alongside Stockport with 81 more corners won than they faced. Newport won the fewest amount in League 2 with 199.
Stockport gave away the fewest corners (174) in League 2 and the Gills were 2nd having also been 6th for most corners won. Harrogate gave away 298 corners, the most in the division which contributed to the league worst difference of 92 more conceded than won.
Screenshot 2024-06-03 212010.jpg
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