w/c 28th September 2019

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w/c 28th September 2019

Postby Garawa » Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:33 am

Saturday 28th
Match day - Oxford v GILLS

Sunday 29th
Ipswich this season, and 13 other opposition sides in the previous 3 league seasons, have brought over 1,000 fans to Priestfield averaging 1,737 fans per game. The remaining 59 home league games have seen an average of 336 opposition fans.

Monday 30th
The Gills have conceded 10 goals in the 26th to 45th minutes but have only conceded 1 in the 25 minutes before hand whilst 6 have been conceded in the whole of the second halves.

Tuesday 1st
The Gills have managed 156 shots at goal (55 on target) whilst their opposition have managed 148 (51 on target). In the last 4 games, the Gills have managed 33 shots at goal, 20 fewer than their opponents.

Wednesday 2nd
The Gills have conceded 18 goals in the 1,080 minutes played this season - a goal every 60.0 minutes. When Olly Lee has been on the pitch, a goal has been conceded once every 116.5 minutes on average (4 goals in 466 minutes played).

Thursday 3rd
If the Gills first halves and second halves of their league games scored points independently, this is what their record would be from the 10 games played:
Annotation 2019-10-02 103555.jpg

Friday 4th
The Gills leads taken and conceded so far this season:
1 goal - 4 / 5
2 goals - 3 / 1
3 goals - 0 / 1
4 or more - 1 / 0
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