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About The Board

Postby admin » Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:22 pm

Before the current Gills website came to be, the old version had a message board of it's own. It was somewhat different to the rest in that people could express views at length or simply state a simple sentence of what they though together in one place with little abuse that is prevalent in almost all other message boards out there. It was special, total strangers felt they knew people enough to help them. One scenario saw a board member buy 4 extra tickets to a game for total strangers who could not afford to go otherwise and another saw a few treat someone to a Wembley seat during the play-of final. Now I am not saying freebies are available, merely quoting an example of how total strangers became good friends.

In addition to this, the old board contained many some games such as the Noircat Prediction League. Organised in the summer months it is simply a game whereby users try to predict the outcome of the Gills results culminating in a presentation evening in the boardroom in May - usually with a player or two to hand out the prizes! The money spent over the bar also helps the club.

If this sounds a bit too friendly then don't panic. This is the ideal place to make new friends but if you simply prefer to send the odd message or just read then that is fine as well. New members were always welcome.

It is these reasons this board was created, to continue it as much as is possible. Who knows, it may even make it back home one day in the future. Until then, happy posting.
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