IMPORTANT: Please Read

If new to the board, please familiarise yourself with what it is all about and by using the forums you agree to the principles stated within

IMPORTANT: Please Read

Postby admin » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:01 pm

Firstly, there are no terms and conditions as such. The aim of this board is to replicate where possible the old message board that was located on the previous official website. For new board members unaware of the forum, it was a place where many people made good friends and was able to express thoughts and feelings about all manner of subjects. Some were quite emotive, others funny whilst some had emotions running high - Gillingham often manages to provoke quite vivid feelings amongst the fans!

For this reason it is important to remember that opinions vary a lot and should not be taken personally. As was the case with the old board, personal attacks will not be tolerated and if the general consensus is that a user is just out to "troll", a full ban will be imposed after warnings. Also, the old board (being a discussion board) did well without the use of swear words and they will be removed. Please try to avoid using them, there may be young ones reading and we apologise if any go through whilst no moderators were viewing.

Please be aware that there may be consequences for what you post. Sometimes personal views can be confused with libelous statements so try to avoid making derogatory comments, you never know who may be watching! Also, should a comment be made and a request be sought to pass on details of that user to the appropriate authorities, then we would have no option but to do so. Really, its just about common sense! That said, your password etc remains solely known to you and no personal details can be viewed other than name and IP address.

By reading or posting on this board you accept to post in a responsible manner. Should new information be added, you will notice the date in the subject line will change or a new post will be added to the forum and you will accept these alterations stated in it also.

If that sounds a bit serious than don't panic. If you enjoy talking about anything and everything with fellow Gills fans, whether a full blown heated debate or a simple one-liner than this is the place for you. There are other boards available, the official one was very different hence the existence of where you are now. You never know, one day this may return to the place it used to occupy. Until then, happy posting!

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