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Postby gillsfan1066 » Fri Dec 30, 2022 12:52 am

God bless Pele, passed away today aged 82 after a bout with the BIG C. THREE TIMES WORLD CUP WINNER. There will NEVER be another like you. In this day and age you would have been awarded 10 penalties a game with players like Nobby Stiles kicking the s**t out of you. in 2022 we have cameras all over the place, even in the little boys room , haha don't laugh but you should see how small *****************************is ,hahaha . Today the " experts " scream about how wonderful Rolando and Messi are, they would have been in the ambulance after the first tackle you received in your day.
If there is a heaven, which I doubt, but kind of hope there is, I hope you don't get signed up buy Scally,'s " Gills Heaven Eleven" in the 5th division of the football league.
OK if that happens then look for a house in Sevenoaks or Tonbrige Wells ,trust me living in the Medway Towns is not a good idea, Mr.G and his 17 kids will be on your doorstep 24/7 . In all seriousness,I remember that 1966 World Cup Win as if it was yesterday, jjjeeezzz what a game it was , great beating Germany,or was it West Germany, but how much more wonderful would it have been beating BRAZIL .???
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