Brad Galinson...a refreshing ray of sunshine!

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Brad Galinson...a refreshing ray of sunshine!

Postby Garawa » Tue Jan 17, 2023 8:39 pm

KM TV had done their first Gills podcast under new owner Galinson. I have to say, I really find his down to Earth nature and honesty refreshing and if he means what he says, we are in for a wonderful few years! Here is what he had to say to Luke Cawdell. ... ure-54409/
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Re: Brad Galinson...a refreshing ray of sunshine!

Postby gillsfan1066 » Wed Jan 18, 2023 11:23 pm

Blue Balloons, happy faces everywhere ,Scally on the mic, fans cheering, when was that,oh yes 1995. Now I am nor saying our Floridian Leader will get bored with running the Gills after a few years like Scally became, and I am sure were in for a few good years , but if we are wallowing around mid table 1st Division I am sure this " go getter" owner will be off,looking for greener pastures ,but by then it will not matter to me, I will be up on the green pitch in the sky playing number 8 with Johnny Simpson in goal .Go Gills.
Oh good grief, maybe I should make up with my old mate Paul Scally ,he might be the Gills owner, " UP THERE ", or worse still, " DOWN THERE ", and he might recognize me and sit me on the bench and never play me in the endless game that will be played in either place. Hey Paul my old buddy, my old pal, don't forget I scored a great goal against Wouldom in the Cup, pick up the ball on the half way line and ran at the defence , before taking it around one defender and banging it past the keeper, don't forget me old pal.
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