French Tim ,joins the Gills.

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French Tim ,joins the Gills.

Postby gillsfan1066 » Fri Jan 13, 2023 12:01 pm

Gills sign there 237th midfield player in the last 5 years and piss off Exeter City at the same time. I see finding a clause hidden in the paperwork meant that we got him 18 months before his contract was up at Exeter. I would hate to think half the teams in the the Third and Fourth Division are this morning saying if Gillingham come knocking DON'T open the door,THERE CONTRACT SPIES, they have people working on the inside, run for the hills.
The guy with the funny name who from here in will be known by me simply as French Tim ( in case we get a Tim from say Djibouti ,who will be known as Djibouti Tim ) , has not played for a month, has he been injured or do you think that had anything to do with him telling Exeter he wanted to leave ?
Of course when you have 3,000 people owning the club I guess things like this happen,I heard from fly on the wall that there still looking for Mildred Collins and her dog Rusty (Mildred bought him a share 20 years ago) to get their votes on whether the team should sell French Tim or not.
I have to ask myself, how did Gillingham find this clause in French Tim's contract ? Have we had people watching Exeter play in the past few months, is the Cleaning Lady at St.Jamse Park really Mrs L in disguise,dressed like Nora Batty so she can enter the Board room and read all the players contracts ? Maybe French Time himself called the Gills, did his agent let it slip that there was a clause in section 15 subsection 45 of his contract that was a way for him to leave Exeter ,or does it mean, DONG,DONG DONG DONGGGGGG ,(that was for a spooky effect) ,THAT OUR OWN ......MR.G the Subsection King ........IS HIS AGENT ? Now the plot thickens, DING DING DING DONGGGGGG ,( thats for more effect ).
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