Stevies got them coming in.

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Stevies got them coming in.

Postby gillsfan1066 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:18 pm

Two new players in a the first couple of days, Ogilvie a defender from Spurs, (who is 23 but looks about 15) and the keeper Bonham from Brentford who I think it said played at Bristol ( which ever ) last year ,but kept almost a clean sheet for more than 33% of the games he played in.
Thats the way to do it, even a guy that played in a Premiership reserve team until he was 23 MUST be better than players of the same age we have been bringing in from Non League football mustn't they ?
And did you see Gills manager of the future (say in like 3 years) Mr. Steve (the King,his Lordship) Bruce says Evans will bring promotion to the Gills in his first season here, The FA Cup the year after, and Promotion with him and Bruce at the helm the year after into the Premiership, I think thats what it said anyway.
I see Scally met out dumb ass President today, and came away saying Gillingham FC can not survive without him as President and then went on about all the investors that he has had talks with.
Mr Scally PLEASE don't listen to President Trump,he wakes up with a new idea every morning and bangs on and on about it all day, then goes to bed and wakes up with a new idea and forgets about anything he said the day before.
Listen we need to get a few things right, a couple of pints with a guy who speaks German and has had half a bottle of Jack Daniels and a few beers and who tells you his Dad wants to buy a soccer team while your in a bar in Dubai is NOT necessarily a meeting with investors. We know every team is looking for investors but lets be serious the type of guy your looking for isn't going to be the ruler of Abu Dhabi,he is more likely to be the guy somewhere no more than 25/30 miles from your office
I love you for saving Gillingham GF back in the last century I really do, but times have changed and most of us don't love you any more,mainly because were suffering from alsheimers, allshimers,maybe just alcoholism, and you have not done anything for us in years.
You have let the supporters down, all these promises of a New Stadium when you can't even afford to put a tent over the Gillingham End , the two or three times you have threatened to quit in the past over silly things like the color of the shirts the team wears, or arguing with the independent Supporters Club then all the law suites with everyone from the Managers to the hot dog suppliers , come on man toughen up and do the job you took on.
Now we come to the Million Dollar ,Pound or Euro question, what was that job ? Was it to keep GFC floating around the First and Second Division, putting 4 or 5,000 people in the stands putting 150,000 quid in your pocket and giving your wife and kids a few quid in their pockets (what exactly does your wife do to earn that salary), or was it to build GFC into another Bournmouth or a Brighton, a team that gets into the Premiership even if it is only for a couple of seasons ?
You see I kind of think it was the former not the later, we were THERE in the Championship but you let us slip away, back to where we have been for a hundred years, a team that when people say who do you support and you tell them the GILLS, they just say OH, actually they don't often say anything ?
Have you had a chat with Peter Cullen ,he offered Norwich City 20 million one time because he liked old Dahlia or what ever her name is,I don't think they took it so there's 20 mill floating around doing nothing ?
What about Roger de Haan, you might have to alter the teams name a bit, maybe to Gillsagas FC, and change the name of the stadium and the stands but it's worth a try I would think, he's worth like 900 million quid,whats a mill here and there ,and at GFC it would be a tax write off I am sure.
We don't want to see you go old darling,jeezzz we would miss those little beedy eyes looking out of those Dickensian glasses, WE JUST WANT YOU TO DO SOMETHING TO GET US OUT OF THIS DAM FIRST DIVISION AND INTO THE CHAMPIONSHIP.
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