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Stephen Clemance

Postby lidbid46 » Wed Nov 01, 2023 10:10 pm

So the new manager is Stephen Clemence. Good choice? What do we think?
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Re: Stephen Clemance

Postby CadburyMan » Thu Nov 02, 2023 10:19 am

New to the management game and only seems to have followed in Steve Bruce's footsteps - not sure that is going to provide "flair" football.

Club must be suitably impressed though as it has taken a month to make appointment
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Re: Stephen Clemance

Postby gillsfan1066 » Wed Nov 15, 2023 6:47 am

I hate to say it but all the time Scally, Hessy and Jackett are in power,then I think were all wasting our time expecting to much from GFC. Clemance is untried in this position,which does not mean he will not be successful in the long run , but he is not the manager, he is the Head Coach responsible for training and match days. I assume he has some input into which players we will bring in ,but that's still Scally, Jacketts and Hessy's job,so I hope the footie Gods will help us there,those three managed to make us the 92nd team in a division of 92.
BG rely's on these three because he has no idea how to run an English soccer team, he has no connections with other managers or owners etc. M aybe Clemance knows enough people around the higher divisions to bring some on loan players in for the rest of this season in January. I still can not imagine why BG bought Glllingham Football Club,does any know if he has ever been asked this question ,if not I really do wish someone would ask him ?
I am not a 100 % sure his heart is in GFC, and I say that because out of all the New Managers we must have interviewed ,my bet is Clemance had to be the cheapest, why they would pick him over experienced managers like the Cowley Brothers, or Rowett I can not understand. But we will see which players we bring in at Christmas,although I think it will be the summer of 2024,when we will find out exactly how much interest BG really has in the Gills. Lets see if he opens his wallet to bring in our 2024/25 promotion winning team, or will we still be doing a Scally ,waiting until a week or two before the season starts to pick up whats left of the unsigned players ? The team we have now,plus all the injuries we have ,I fear there is no chance will we even make the play offs this season,so lets sit back and watch Wrexham do it properly ,and maybe BG can learn from his American cousins.
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