List of Signings

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List of Signings

Postby Garawa » Sat Jul 10, 2021 1:18 pm

Signings so far:

Olly Lee (M) - Permanent deal
Ben Reeves (M)
Max Ehmer (D)
David Tutonda (D)
Danny Lloyd (M)
Aaron Chapman (GK)
Rhys Bennett (D)
Daniel Phillips (M) - Season loan from Watford
Jamie Cumming (GK) - Season loan from Chelsea
Mustapha Carayol (F)
Daniel Adshead (M) - Loan from Norwich
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Re: List of Signings

Postby gillsfan1066 » Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:28 am

I see DEL BOY has been cooking the books so we can't bring in any new players unless there on a free transfer or meet EFL Guide Lines, whatever they are. Can you imagine being the Gillingham FC accountant, working away in your office with Del Boy looking over your shoulder and every few minutes saying no,no, alter that 2,578 pounds to 1,965 pounds because that's kind of like what we got from the bake sale , oh and you see that 360 quid you have there for veggies in the restaurant, well up that to 550 quid I will write you out a new receipt in a minute. What's that, 3,000 quid for shirt sales, no way, don't forget were going to have a burst pipe in the shop next Tuesday night so we can write off all the cash sales as lost merchandise.
I see Gillingham FC are looking for a new Finance Assistant, after Mr Micawber the guy who was hired for that position last week quit after the first day, and was seen running down Priestfield Road screaming it doesn't work like that ,you can't do that, what do you think your doing ,running a used photocopy business on the Old Kent Road ?
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