The criticality of money this season.

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The criticality of money this season.

Postby Garawa » Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:11 pm

So Boris has, again, put the kybosh on crowds returning to football stadia and it is hard to see how this will change in the near future. How smaller clubs will stay in business throughout this is a massive worry and a mystery. It probably makes having good cup runs absolutely essential - even in the rubbish Football League Trophy which does have decent prize money when reaching the final. Clubs are also able to enjoy significantly lower overheads whilst enjoying streaming revenues however this is weighted in favour of the bigger clubs.

The Colchester chairman has highlighted how this will not solve the problems. He stated that the home team keeps all of the revenue for the tickets they sell and also get the revenue for the first 500 bought by the away team. Colchester's game against Bolton sold 452 iFollow passes, (keeping all of the revenue from those), and Bolton sold 2252 iFollow passes, (where they get the revenue from the first 500).

Bolton's 1,752 iFollow share compares with the 952 passes for Colchester who would normally expect about £54,000 home gate receipts but instead receive a little under £8,000. Bolton however would have expected about £600 for the 5% commission paid by the home side but will have received about £14,000 more than that. Many sides sell less than the 500 streams for an away game so will earn £0.00 for the game and most other away games this season. Bolton would then be set to receive about £345,000 from the streaming of their away games whilst Colchester would expect to receive £0.00.

If you do buy matchday passes but cannot do them all, BUY ONES FOR HOME GAMES!

As for cup games, bring on Stoke and lets go all out because these games are valuable!
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Re: The criticality of money this season.

Postby gillsfan1066 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 2:40 am

Listening to Managers from the Premiership talking about money today (why there doing it instead of the owners or Chairman I don't know) ? I get sick to death of teams like Liverpool and Manchester United, Manchester City, crying the blues about loosing money this year ,so they don't think it is really in the best interest for First and Second Division Teams to be bailed out without them getting anything. Were going to loose several million pounds this year cries Manchester United's Manager, Solskjaer, yeah and what about the last 50 years when you have made millions and millions of pounds for your Directors ,tell them to get their check books out and write a few checks ?
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