League 1 fate undecided

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League 1 fate undecided

Postby Garawa » Fri May 15, 2020 2:07 pm

League 2 clubs have voted to end their season immediately and decide the table on a points per game basis. League 1 clubs could not arrive at a decision and therefore will have to meet again on Monday. Six clubs went public yesterday on demanding the season must be finished.

At least PPG avoids expunging the season - the thought of everything that has happened this season not counting or existing is beyond comprehension. In that respect I guess Lee Hodson DID sign for, play and leave the club, Jack Tucker DID cement a first team place and keep 13 (I think) clean sheets and Max Ehmer DID make his 250th appearance.

I dislike the PPG basis however and I still would prefer no 2020/21 season and complete the games then instead. PPG would see Oxford lose out on automatic promotion (with home games against Bolton, Bristol Rovers and MK Dons and away games at Tranmere and Rochdale) in favour of Rotherham who still have Doncaster, Portsmouth and Sunderland to face at home and away to Fleetwood and Wycombe. Tranmere would be relegated instead of AFC Wimbledon and both sides have still to play each other.

I appreciate there is no ideal situation and that protecting people is paramount but the Premier League and Championship look to resume their campaigns very soon.
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Re: League 1 fate undecided

Postby gillsfan1066 » Mon May 25, 2020 11:35 pm

No point in having this season linger on , Coventry and Rotherham should get automatic promotion and then in June if it is possible behind locked gates and all at the same time Oxford, Portsmouth, Fleetwood, P'trboro, Sunderland and Wycombe should play one game each 3 plays 8, 4 plays 7, 5 plays 6, the two teams with the best GF /GA record go through. After each game the players stay on the pitch and penaltys should be taken no matter what the score and these could be used as a decider should they be needed.
As for relegation Bolton and Southend are relegated then 18th place plays 21st place, 19th place plays 20th, same rules as for promotion, one goes down. I assume there not counting Bury as a relegated team ?
No one in their right mind is going to go to a football game and sit in a crowd even if the powers to be say they can, if CV19 is still around, this years season can not be held over until next season half the players will be out of contract and who is going to risk breaking a leg and not being able to get a new team if they start the regular 20/21 season in say late September to get this 19/20 season finished.
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